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Historic Preservation and Planning Consultant, City of St. Joseph, MO and Intern for OCTA - Lauren Manning.

If you're interested in the historic trails that cross the Mid-west and especially St. Joseph, Missouri as well as all the history and lore that surrounds them, we invite you to join with us. We actively preserve, protect, identify, study and educate the public about historical landmarks, trails, and other important aspects of a rich history. Our newsletter, meetings and activities are engaging, and to those with a yen to know more, they can bring the excitement of newfound knowledge and the thrill of walking in the steps of history.

Our members live in many states, are both old hands and new, some are history professionals and others dedicated amateurs. All have a love of the trails and derive great satisfaction from sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

To become a member you must first join our parent organization on The Oregon California Trails Association website. Gain your memberships for OCTA and the St. Joseph Gateway Chapter online. Do you prefer to join OCTA by mail or fax? Open and print our brochure here: Membership Brochure  or Fax: 816-836-0989.

St, Joseph Gateway Chapter memberships include a family membership for just $15.00 and for individuals, $10.00. This yearly fee entitles members to receive the newsletter, access to the Overland Journal, News from the Plains, and opportunity to attend all chapter functions. For field trips and some other activities a nominal fee may be charged to purchase printed trail guides, etc. Be sure to set a bookmark so you can return here easily.

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Officers and Board Members



President- Jackie Lewin

Vice President/Communications Chair- Carol McClellan

Treasurer- Fred Swain

Secretary- Sandy Smith

Past President- Corky Smith

Board Members who are Committee Chairs

Wagon/Educational Camp Chair- Cindy Weaver

Nominating Committee Chair- Dave Berger

Program Committee Chair- Bill Leppert

At Large Board Members

Dr. Bob Corder

Jerry Mogg

Lauren Manning

Glendon Hartman

Shirley Myers