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OCTA Convention, Santa Fe, New Mexico

The 2019 OCTA Convention will be held September 3-7 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Convention presentation topics include:

  • Juan Bautista De Anza

  • Archaeology on the Southern Trail

  • Bartolome Baca and the opening of the French trappers in New Mexico Territory

  • Kearny’s trail from Santa Fe to Arizona

  • Military protection on the Southern Route

  • Mormon Battalion in New Mexico

  • Women in the Mormon Battalion

  • Jeffords and Cochise

  • Civilian Doctor at Fort Lancaster (Texas)

  • French presence in New Mexico

  • Jewish traders on the Santa Fe & Camino Real

  • Traveling to the gold fields along the southern trails

  • Early Railroads into Santa Fe

  • Construction of the Railroad along the Southern Trail